Friday, October 4, 2013

The circuitry of Decision

OK.. all this furor and talk about the Government shutdown and Obamacare and Debt Ceiling and finances and caring for others got me thinking. I developed a view of the whole issue that works for me and IMHO explains it all rather well. However, I posted it in my Facebook status and didn't receive much response. I am not sure I really expected any but the pride and ego in me would have appreciated some. So since posting it on a larger frame with a wider readership didn't work I figured I would try again in a smaller readership, this way when it gets no response it won't be such a hard hit to my ego and pride.

The view is this:   Financial decisions should be made with the head (logic, etc) while other decisions such as caring for others, respect for others, etc should be made with the heart (emotion, what is right, etc) and that the connection between the 2 organs is the rest of the circuitry that allows one to make decisions that come as close as satisfying both as possible.

However many people and especially Politicians don't have proper operating circuitry. They either have and "open" in the circuitry where there is no connection between the 2 and one drives the process while ignoring the other (e.g. the only consideration is financial and the well being or care or respect of other is not considered). Or they have a "short" where the 2 are fused together and one drives the other (e.g. there is NO consideration given to the finances, it is all given to the emotion/emotive concern and we go bankrupt or in debt).

Now we would all like to do both but the sad fact of the world as it presently is, is that we must make choices and some things get sacrificed in those choices. We all hope to make the best choice that comes as close to satisfying both as much as possible. To have either an open or a short in this circuitry just creates more problems and doesn't solve anything. And this we get shutdowns and fights as we are currently seeing.

I apologize this isn't or erudite or well researched and documented as it should be. I profess not higher education or skills.. just an average human being with a computer, a connection to the internet, and a blog. All dangerous weapons in my hands I am aware but also a safety valve to relieve stress and pressure in my own way. Thank you all 2 or 3 who read it.

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